Privacy Policy


  1. General Terms

1.1. Eternal Memorial International (referred to as “Eternal Memorial” henceforth), takes the safety of an individual’s data very seriously and adheres strictly to data protection laws.

1.2. Personal data entered on the Eternal Memorial website will merely be used for only vital reasons. Individual’s data will not be sold or passed onto third parties, other than for reasons attributable to the execution of orders.

1.3. Every access time and every instance of retrieving data on the website is automatically recorded by the Web-server. This recording cannot be used to identify the user. The logged items include: name of the retrieved data; date and time of retrieval; volume of data transferred; retrieval success message; and the web browser, IP-address, and domain of the retrieving computer.

  1. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data

2.1. Upon registration and execution of an order, Eternal Memorial will process and collect the following customer information: name; invoicing address; email address. Any credit card details entered on the website will be recorded by our service provider Stripe, Inc. Subsequently, all data will be encrypted up to present-day security standards.

2.2. In addition, data will be collected and processed as required for replying to requests and support, as well as for technical administration and accounting purposes. The gathering of IP-addresses in order to log access protocols for Eternal Memorial functions is also included. This log merely acts as a safety procedure, assistances our operations (e.g. to be able to understand deletion protocols)

  1. Sharing of Personal Information

3.1. Eternal Memorial will forward client data to third parties simply for billing purposes (e.g., in the course of credit card transactions).

3.2. Should it be crucial to make client data obtainable to a third party, for example, in the use of a subcontractor, Eternal Memorial will pursue the direct consent from the client or arrange an agreement with the third party with respect to contract data handling upholding at least the same data privacy standards as guaranteed by Eternal Memorial.

  1. Newsletter

4.1. Eternal Memorial will pursue approval from the client before sending out any advertising material or offers.

4.2. Notices concerning the contractual relationship with the client are not included in the Newsletter, which include technical information; changes to Eternal Memorial’s service, price, and contractual provisions and other similar information.

4.3. Upon subscription to the Newsletter, Eternal Memorial will record the date of subscription and the client’s IP-Address. This recording act only as evidence in cases when a third party misuses an email address and subscribes to the Newsletter without the knowledge of those authorised.

  1. Third-Party Content & Cookies

5.1. Within the Eternal Memorial website memorials, third parties may be linked to the site, for example, in the form of YouTube videos, or other website graphics. This will inevitably involve the owners of this content (henceforth referred to as “Third-Party Providers”) obtaining the IP-Address of the user. The sending of this content to the browser would not be conceivable without the attainment of the user’s IP-Address, and given that, this procedure is an essential occurrence.

5.2. Eternal Memorial seeks to guarantee that any third-party provider responsible for content uses IP-Address data only in exercising its content delivery. However, Eternal Memorial has no impact over IP-Address use potentially logged, for example, for statistical purposes. If Eternal Memorial becomes aware of any such activity, the client will be informed.

5.3. Upon visiting one of the global memorial sites, Eternal Memorial sends one or more cookies to client. A cookie is a small file contains a character string that is used to identify a client’s browser. Eternal Memorial improves the quality of its services with the use of cookies because they save the client’s user settings and records user trends. Most of the cookies sent by Eternal Memorial are so-called “session cookies”. These cookies are routinely erased at the end of each website session. Cookies will not impair the computer or contain viruses.

  1. Use of “Google Analytics”

6.1. Eternal Memorial is a Google Analytics user, which is a web analysis tool developed by Google Inc. (hereafter “Google”). Google Analytics uses text files called “cookies”, which are kept on the client’s computer to allow the monitoring of the client use of websites. As a rule, material about the client’s website use gathered by these cookies will be deposited and transferred to the Google server in the USA.

6.2. If the client activates anonymity of their IP-address for these websites, Google will not have permission to use the client’s IP-address. Only in extraordinary situations will the full IP-address be transferred to a Google server in the USA and cancelled there. Google uses this information, on behalf of the website operator, to analyse clients’ use of the site, to compile reports on website activity, and to provide the website operator with further services in regard to website and Internet use.

6.3. The client can disallow the logging of cookies via the relevant settings in the browser software; nonetheless, Eternal Memorial is obligated to inform the client that if that action is taken, not all of the Eternal Memorial website functions may or may not be usable to their full extent. Furthermore, the client can prevent data gathering from Google, whether it be via cookies or through use of the website (including gathering of IP-Addresses) by downloading and installing a plug-in for the client’s browser using the following link:

  1. Google AdWords

7.1. Eternal Memorial uses the online web programme “Google-AdWords” and in doing so, Conversion-Tracking, in order to quantify the success of Eternal Memorial’s Google-AdWords advertising. The Conversion-Tracking cookies will be seeded once a user clicks on an advert placed by Google. These cookies terminate after 30 days and cannot be used to identify the user. If the client visits specific pages on the website and the cookie has not yet expired, Eternal Memorial and Google can detect that the user has clicked on the advert and has been forwarded to the offer. Every Google-AdWords customer receives a different cookie. For website operators using AdWords, the information gathered by the Conversion-Cookies assists in compiling Conversion-Statistics that inform the subscriber of the total number of users that have clicked on the advert and have been forwarded to the site, which has been furnished with the Conversion-Tracking-Tag. Users that want to opt out of tracking can simply deactivate the Google Conversion-Tracking cookie in the settings of the user’s web browser or use Google’s own Opt-out option:

  1. Disclosure of Information, Cancellation, Deletion

8.1. At any time, the client retains the right to request disclosure of any material regarding their persons held by Eternal Memorial. This can include the data itself, the origins of the data and its recipients, as well as the purpose its logging. In addition to access, the client can ask for changes and erasures. Should the client request it, Eternal Memorial will delete any personal data. This right to deletion is omitted, however, if the data is essential for the execution of the client relationship and is also omitted should Eternal Memorial be approved by law to process and use this data without consent of the client.

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